Terms of delivery

All product prices displayed exklusive sales tax (VAT) with prices including sales tax in parenthesis.

Cost for shipping of physical products is not included.

  • Terms of delivery: Within 4 working days.
  • Terms of payment: 20 days after delivery except for monthly subscription that is 7 days after delivery.
  • Payment type: Invoice by e-mail/mail.

Other terms and conditions: Swedish ”Avtal 90” and the manufacturer’s Terms & Conditions.

Payment after due date will cause downtime between the issuing of the temporary and permanent license, and will incur interest and late fee. The price are only valid if the invoice is paid on or before its due date. If payment is not received within this time frame, then the entire invoice will be re-invoiced at the higher list price, payable immediately.

For products included in different campaigns, the prices apply for the current promotional period.
We reserve ourselves for price errors and price changes due to changes in VAT, abnormally large changes in the currency situation, purchase prices, as well as changes in or the existence of new statutory fees.