Pixar – Tractor software and Maintenance

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Tractor is a modern and robust solution for network rendering, capable of scaling up to the largest render farms.

Please specify if you want floating or node locked when ordering.


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Dependable Stability

Derived from years of experience in managing the demands of the worlds largest render farms, Tractor’s stability has been fined tuned for the toughest jobs.

Tractor’s queuing engine is capable of dispatching over 500 tasks per second and utilizes proven, open web standards which make Tractor highly customizable. Systems administrators can easily add Python extension modules to Tractor-Blades and customize the specifics of how various tasks are executed.

Tractor components


The heart of it all

Tractor-Engine maintains the central job queue and dispatches tasks.


For Render blades

Tractor-Blade is a Python based execution server running on each remote node.


The Control Center

Tractor-Dashboard is a customizable web browser user interface providing centralized control of all render jobs.

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